Wed, Aug 26 4:39pm

Dear Hoover Parents, 


The PAUSD Board put a stop last night, for the THIRD TIME in the course of ten years and three principals, to Hoover's renovations which had already been underway.



Please join a Parent Meeting tonight at 7:30pm. We will work together, develop plans, and act!

Meeting ID: 932 8788 3885

Password: 630868



  1. Develop Action Plans 
  2. Form Action Committee 
  3. Open Forum


Background on Hoover Renovation

In 2016, Hoover was up again for renovation consideration, and a bond fund was released to us. The school community rallied and advocated for improving the school. Two board members voted against the improvements to the school, stating low enrollment in the district. Hoover is always at capacity and always has a waitlist. The two members claimed at the time that it would be a waste of the bond fund given to Hoover alone for renovations, even though the taxpayers decided that the fund should go to Hoover for renovations. Finally, our school was ready for an update, because at the time, three parents on the board agreed that our kids should not attend school in such deplorable conditions, that it was time for Hoover to be on parity with all other schools in the District. ALL OTHER PAUSD SCHOOLS undergone renovations, and Hoover HAS NOT been renovated in over 50 years. 


What happened Last Night 

The board takes a familiar stance because the same two board members who opposed the construction are still on the board. Their new chant: current construction bids are too high, they need to be fiscally responsible, and enrollment in the district is now low. Yet, Hoover is at full capacity. Many parents, staff, and students spoke up last night in Hoover's defense, but the board members already made up their minds. The most disheartening part was to hear about Palo Verde’s state-of-the-art remodel on the same agenda. All we want is a safe school, to bring our school up to code. When a high school student representative on the board asked when the board will revisit this topic and have bids resubmitted, Superintendent Don Austin re-phrased the question and gave a minimum 6-month silent period.


What we ask for is not a fancy campus, but a safe one. The current buildings are not seismically safe, rooms have poor ventilation systems, there was discovery of lead, rodent infestation, and leaking pipes leading to unsafe drinking water. There are also outdated electrical work and light fixtures, kids have to run hundreds of feet to get to the bathrooms, the Multi-Purpose room is cramped and unfriendly, and there are no dedicated rooms for Music and enrichment classes or just spare rooms. 


The board used the pandemic as an excuse to delay our renovations and likely, to ultimately deny them. Now is actually the best time to do construction with few people on campus and with builders eager to get work. The longer we wait, the more inefficiency and higher the costs pushing us further over budget. The board has repeatedly discounted the Hoover community. We see a pattern of neglect and even scorn, it's not coincidental. Many in the City have called Hoover “the Asian school” and board members have said “Hoover is a waste of resources.”  Hoover offers an inclusive environment of caring teachers, staff, students and parents. It is not fair to be singled out and repeatedly disregarded. We feel hurt, and we're tired of enduring in silence. 


Let’s form one unified voice, loud and clear!