PTA Message: 2022 Highlights
Wed, Dec 21 9:03am
Dear Hoover Community, 

As we finish 2022, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for each and every one of you. We have such a special community and so much to celebrate this time of year!  

Your generosity has already made a huge impact this year by directly supporting our teachers and students and creating amazing events and programs for our community.
We're only halfway through the school year, and look at what we've done:

For Teachers:
-Classroom supplies 
-New library books
-Monthly staff meeting support and celebrations

-Junior Museum Lessons 
-ABC Reading and Social Emotional Learning. Thank you lead Emily Chen for training our ABC Readers and an applause to our ABC Readers! 👏

Events: 🍦🐘🐷🎨📚
August: Family Social. Thank you to our VP of Events Bryna Lee and Mona Soetanto for planning such a fun event to start the school year!

September: Math Night. Thank you lead Michael Rosen from the Math Olympiad for working with our Events Team on a successful event.

October: We had 3 in October!
-Garden Club Meetup on a Saturday morning. Thank you lead Yuhong Kong.
-Unity Day Activities. Thank you Special Education lead Yi Zou for planning the chain links and anti-bullying campaign.
-Schoolwide Playdate. Thank you Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) Rep Mabel Yiu and co-VP Events Mona for putting on a Piggy & Elephant performance on Inclusion.
November: Reflections Art Program. Thank you to leads Kane Wang, Abhinav Mittal, and Oliver Liu for organizing such a creative program! Hoover is the only school in the district that participates in the Reflections Art Program. 

-Book Exchange. Thank you to lead June Lau. 3000 Books!
-Ice Skating. This was a challenging event to plan but we made it work with the Winter Lodge limited max headcount. Thank you to leads Jun Zhang, Bryna and Mona. I also would like to thank the parents who helped with the behind the scenes logistics: Anita Tam, Roben Tan, Olga Petrova.

Lunch time activities once a month: Thank you Bryna and Mona.
Monday lunch time at the Garden: Thank you leads Yuhong Kong and Anastasia Sivura.

We couldn't do this without your support. And more to come!

Happy Holidays,
P.S. Come join us! We are a fun and dedicated group of volunteers who love bringing joy to Hoover. Reach out to learn more about volunteer opportunities and getting involved in 2023.