PTA Update on Donations
Wed, Sep 23 10:40am

Hello Hoover Community,


We hope this email finds you well.  Firstly, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to our COVID fund. Your contributions have enabled us to invest in the following:


E-books $5,000.00
Pioneer Valley Platform $3,060.00
Scholastic Subscription $2,048.59
TOTAL $10,108.59



Hoover Hedgies are ferocious readers – in a normal year our students will circulate 18,000 books per year, or 40 books per student per year.  With these new subscriptions we will be able to fill the reading appetite of our kids.  Special thanks to Ms. Kristin Howell and Ms. Rachel Milliken-Weitzman for researching and pursuing these resources for our Hedgies. 


As a PTA, we have also contributed $19,000 towards classroom supplies.  Our PTA budget is now spent, every dollar in our budget is now allocated.  If we want to fund additional needs – we will not be able to until we raise more funds.  It’s only the first month of school, so we do anticipate some needs coming!


All funds donated to the PTA, including membership dues are budgeted for enhancing student success or improving the school which will be more important as we re-open.


For those of you, who have not had a chance to donate, please do so now at the below link:


We are currently at 40% of our fundraising goal, and we have 60% more support needed.  (Our goal is 200 x $250 = $50,000)




This is not an easy year for a lot of us, but we can all agree that we want to do what’s best for your kids.


Please feel free to reach out to myself or Sunny Liu if you have any questions.


Stay Safe.

Ira & Sunny