PiE (Partners in Education) Nov Challenge Grant, double your donation today!
Sun, Nov 7 4:27pm

Thanks to many Hoover families who have donated PiE (Palo Alto Partners in Education) this year! We are very encouraged by parents' participations and so proud of the Hoover community’s caring and giving for quality education! 


PiE is the best gift from Palo Alto community to our schools. PiE help our school to provide enriched education (art, music, hands on science, dance, music bands, choir..etc) and positive learning experience (classroom aides, instructional specialist, counselors...etc) beyond what's included in public school funding could afford.  Your donation is helping all the kids to learn better and enjoy their time best at school! 


If we could have more families participate this year, PiE will be able to grant more money to support our schools to do more for our children next year. If you haven't donated, please consider donating by 11/15, Either make a donation now or make a pledge today to pay later this year will all help us to reach the challenge grant for double match . (It's the last chance for challenge grant this school year) Any amount is appreciated!


Thank you for making this PiE together!!


from Hoover PiE reps:

Lexing Ying(4th & 5th grade parent) ,

Susie Wee(1st grade parent) ,

Qian Niu and Yingbo Zhou (K parents),

Ashley Tseng (2nd grade parent) 



Nov 10th Wed PiE day:  kids and parents are encouraged to wear blue shirts to school to show we appreciate PiE and our PiE funded teachers. 

Nov 12th Fri PiE thank you party:  if weather permits,  PiE reps and principal Sherman will be giving away PiE funded goodies (carabiner clips) to the kids at the pick up area and Mitchell park. (balloons and bubble wands). We will also set up a table for the kids to draw/write thank you messages for PiE funded wonderful teaching team at Hoover. 


Interested in knowing more about PiE:  brochure . website. Q&A or email: hoover@papie.org