Please update your child's classroom
Fri, Aug 14 9:06am

Dear Hoover Parents,

Welcome back to another exciting school year! As you are all aware, we use Konstella for all PTA and PTA related communication. It is the one stop point to find out what is happening in your child’s classroom, the whole school, various event and volunteering signups or to connect, share with other parents at your school. Pls. read below, to refresh yourselves about Konstella.


1. For those of you who are already registered on Konstella:

Please log in to your Konstella account and update your child's classroom. To do this:

• log in to your account,

• then go to the name tab (found on the left menu on the home page) and

• then to the Your Children tab.-- Your child will already be featured.

• Go to Change/Join Classroom and add the current classroom your child is in.

This will help to place your child(ren) in the right classroom for this school year.

 2. For those who are not yet registered on Konstella:

We request you to please consider doing so that you can place your child(ren) in the right classroom and you won't miss out on any room communications, that will soon start. To do this:

• New parents - Use the link in the Invitation email to join in.

• Older parents - go to the "Register at Konstella" Button at the end of any email that you have received and click on it. You will receive another email. Once you receive that email, please click the "Join" button, and add your name and create a password. You will then be prompted to add a child. Pls. fill in your child’s details …and viola! you will be registered.

 3. Konstella is very secure and private. Other parents can see only what you wish to show.

• To update your name, password and other personal information – Please go to your name on the left menu and click Account Settings ->Basic.

• To update your Privacy settings, go to your name on the left menu and click on Account Settings -> Privacy

• You can to the Notifications tab and manage how you want to receive the notifications as well.

Additional Features:

• Parents of a particular room can communicate with each other or select people via the Private messaging feature, or join Social Groups (found under the menu bar on the left, on the Home Page) or communicate to the whole school via the Discussions tab (found on the Home page, under the More tab). .

• Also, for those who want Konstella on the go…download the Konstella iPhone/Android App – to stay connected with our school


Please let me or Jong-Mi  know if you have any questions! 

Thanks so much!

Anita Tam  & Jong-Mi Lee

Hoover Konstella Admin.