Principal Coffee Today 5pm
Thu, Oct 28 3:14pm

Dear Hoover families,

Thank you for your participation and collaboration to support Hoover!

Principal Sherman will be hosting principal coffee today at 5pm. Please come to hear what’s going on at campus first hand. Look forward to meeting you all!

Following is message from principal weekly news

Principal Coffee - Thursday, October 28

Here are a few things that are on my agenda:

Hoover Construction

Costume parade

Water Bottles

Possible Vaccinations on the way -- I don't have any news, by the way, but it's a good topic to discuss


See you on Zoom!

P.S. If you have general questions/feedbacks that you would like to bring to principal Sherman but not available to attend this time, you could message me on Konstella. I will try to forward it to him at the meeting. Thank you!

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