Q&A about returning to School
Thu, Jul 23 9:06am

Dear Hoover Parents:


I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy.


Year 2020 has not been ideal – we understand with children being at home, most parents are multitasking all the time!  With things constantly changing, I think we all need to keep on top of news week to week.  PTA will be sending regular updates on a weekly basis on Fridays.


As most of you are already aware, school is reopening on August 17th, with distant learning.  This is the best way to keep the community safe, and may change in time. How can we make the best of these new times? We want all students to thrive in this new e-learning environment.  We want students to be engaged, creative, safe and minimize achievement gaps. The goal of the Hoover PTA team is to be your voice and put students first. What matters to our students?  If you have questions and challenges, please send them to us and we will try to get answers and provide solutions. 



PTA Team