Rainy Weather & specials classes
Sun, Nov 12 10:02pm

Dear Parents,


As we approach the upcoming week, the weather forecast predicts rain. We want to seek out your cooperation to ensure your children stay as dry as possible as they transition between music, PE, and library classes. Although we'll guide students under overhangs where possible, there will be uncovered areas; thus, please plan accordingly. Please ensure your child is prepared with:

  1. Jackets/Sweaters (labeled with their name)
  2. Warm/Sturdy Shoes
  3. A Flexible Mindset

While they may get a bit wet, we're committed to their safety and happiness during transitions.


Thank you, for your support.


Warm regards,

Ms. Cathy (librarian), Ms. Berkson (P.E. teacher), & Ms. Kate (music teacher)