Reflection Art Program Submissions
Wed, Nov 9 2:59pm

I'm very excited to share that we received 47 artworks from our Hoover young artists in all 18 classrooms covering five categories. Although the topic for this year is challenging for young kids, the number of submissions is doubled compared to last year.


Here is the list of artworks. If your submission is not on the list, please let us know as soon as possible.


Hello - A Welcome & Inclusive World
Bean Panda
Beep Beep
Protect our teeth
Solar System
Chinese knots
Singing snail with moving house
Horses Home
Happy Hedgie Hope Tree
The Wandering Cat
I love biking
This is My Voice!
Piano Joy
Voice Unheard
Unicorns in harmony
Lake Adventure
Hungry Dinosaur
Happiness is Overcoming my Shyness & Showing my Voice
Sprout Shout
Bring Peace to the World 
We have only one Earth!
We need better lunches!
We Are All Beautiful
Rainbow Cards
River and Trees
The Lost Rainforest
My Community
Hedgehog Valley
Peace Around The World
Snail finds unity
Snail World
A photo of myself from air
Stary Sky
Song of Harmony
Show my voice: echo
The quest of mystery
The Quest of Mystery
A Kittens Dreams
Ender Life
My Energy
The quest of Mystery
Show Your Voice
Show Your Voice
The Quest of Mystery
Raise your hand to speak