Retirement Congratulations
Wed, May 26 8:46pm

Dear Hoover families, 


There is bitter-sweet news I would like to share with you. 


Five of our beloved Hoover teachers will retire this summer. They have dedicated years of their time and love to our hoover community. Thousands of Hoover kids have thrived and flourished under their wings. They have made such a difference in the lives of so many Hoover students and families. 


Grace Lee – Mrs. Lee supported students at two sites with their speech and language needs. Serving Hoover for 26 years, her students always were the center of her concerns. Mrs. Lee helped teachers understand how to help these students learn more efficiently.


Julie Saxena - Teacher Julie created communities out of classrooms of individuals at Hoover for 19 years. She has mentored newer teachers, served on PTA, and modelled the value of team teaching. Teacher Julie is an expert with a well-timed question to make us all consider things in a new light.


Michelle Thomas – Mrs. Thomas taught 2nd grade at Hoover for 23 years, helping us uphold cherished Hoover traditions. Her classrooms were places where students knew they were valued and cared for. Her classrooms were also full of fun things like fuzzies and real-live insects.


Corey Potter – Mrs. Potter taught Kindergarten at Hoover 10 years, and PAUSD for nearly 30. She understands what Kindergarteners need, what they want, and how to get it for them. Mrs. Potter never flinches when the going gets tough; always putting the concerns of students first.


Linda Hoshizaki – Special Ed Resource Aide – Mrs. H walks the halls and classrooms of Hoover with a peaceful presence and happy smile that is always welcome. 


Please join us and celebrate their careers and achievements at Hoover and congratulate their retirements.


Please share your gratitude and appreciation by sending them notes,  drawings, or cards. Please deliver the cards with the teacher's name on an envelope to Hoover's front office before June 3rd. Ms. Rachelle will collect all the notes, drawings, and cards and deliver them to the teachers. 


If you would like to donate to teachers' gifts, please contact me at for details before June 3rd. 



Hoover PTA