Summer reading
Wed, Jun 3 2:56pm

Hoover families,


Congratulations on completing this historic school year. Thank you for all you have done for your students over the last couple of challenging months. Thank you for keeping them connected to the school and each other. I look forward to seeing your students as soon as possible. 


I want to share two last things with you. This is the Summer Reading information the PAUSD Teacher Librarians have compiled. Reading is the best thing to keep your child’s mind active over the summer. Research has shown us that choice improves reading, so let your child choose her books! She will read more, and that will help her improve overall academically.


If you are looking for resources to help you discuss recent events with your child, I hope these will help you. 


My very best to 5th grade families moving up to Middle School, and those families leaving Hoover. I am reachable by district email at if you have any questions. I don’t work over the summer, but will check in occasionally.


I hope all of you enjoy your summer together. 



Kristin Howell

Teacher Librarian

Hoover Elementary School