Thank You for the Successful Book Fair
Fri, Mar 3 11:34pm

Hi All,


Thank you for making this book fair a tremendous success!


We thought we were going to raise $40 from the book fair but decided to organize it anyway to promote literacy and bring our community together.


You all showed up and blew this out of the water! Our total sales were close to $8k and we raised over $1100, to be used towards future fun stuff for our kids.


Thank you for showing your kids your love, support and kindness for them and their school by coming on campus, buying books and sharing a special moment with them that they will never forget.


We couldn’t do this without all the volunteers who came through rain or shine early mornings and during their work hours over five days; in addition to: set up, take down, training, and behind the scene planning work. We also had the support from the room parents who shared the teacher's wish lists with their classrooms.


I want to share with you some of the endearing moments:

  • In the mornings, some older kids came to the MP room to walk a kindergarten student to his classroom when his mom was working at the book fair.
  • Every time we thought we had to close one of the sales shifts due to losing a volunteer, two more parents stepped up to fill the spot.
  • Some volunteers decided to return to work more shifts when they realized we had crowds and lines waiting to checkout.
  • The turnout was a lot higher than we expected, we scrambled, and more parents showed up at the last minute.
  • A volunteer used their own money to cover the cost of the books when the kids didn’t have enough money. (We don’t encourage this practice but we can see how happy it made her to help these kids.)
  • Some older kids showed some younger kids the books they used to read and why they liked them.
  • Kids were getting a kick out of using “real money” to buy “real books”. And what is tax?


Big Shout out to the following volunteers:

  • Andrea Ng
  • Anita Tam
  • Barkha Saxena
  • Hang Pham
  • Himani Manglani
  • Janet Lee
  • Jenny Romero
  • Jihae Yoo
  • Jim Emerich
  • Kane Wang
  • Lisa Ma Wu’s neighbor Sherry
  • Mabel Yiu
  • Mona Soetanto
  • Nvideta Pandey
  • Olga Petrova
  • Roben Tan
  • Swati Chopra
  • Teacher Rachel
  • Xinke Sun
  • Yi Zou


We have more PTA events coming up. Please continue getting involved with your child’s school. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, back to you and your kids. I have learned and received so much more than the work I put in when I volunteer. Not only do our kids love the events, they will also follow your footstep to serve our community. And our community will grow stronger and unlock all the potential that Hoover has to offer.


Hoover PTA