Thank you for your plants
Wed, Apr 27 8:58am
Dear Hoover families
I want to let you know that your children really impressed me with their plants! Stories about your children watering and caring for their plants every day melts my heart. That is exactly what I wanted them to achieve: to become caring people for the earth. Please thank them for doing that! The young plants they brought in make a stunning show. We can see the power of working together. It is possible for us to keep our earth green if we all work together in unity.
There has been confusion about the plant show. My initial thought was to collect all the young plants from the students, then plant them around the schoolyard for the students to witness the magic of their growth and decorate Hoover with their beauty. However, some students thought they were just for the show and brought them home after school. It is okay if that is what they want to do. They have cared for these young seedlings like their own babies and have become attached to them. I can totally understand how they feel. 
Some students may find their plants missing. Don't panic if that is the case because I have already taken some plants out of the collection and transplanted them into larger pots in school last Friday. They are not lost. 
I am going to separate the plants into two groups.
Group 1: students who want their plants back are welcome to pick them up by Thursday.
Group 2: students who are willing to donate their plants to Garden Club will leave their plants in school. These plants will be planted gradually around Hoover. I will remove the plants from the original pots and transplant them elsewhere. The empty pots will be left under the banner directly across the principal's office for students to pick up at their convenience.
Winners of the plant show will be announced this Friday and will receive a trowel as a reward. All participants will receive a pair of garden gloves for their hard work.
Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you for all your wonderful support!
Gardening Club & Green Team