Tomorrow is Earth Day -- Event reminders
Thu, Apr 21 10:59am
Dear Hoover families,
Friday, April 22 is Earth Day. It will be a reminder for all of us to do our share to increase the awareness and importance of environmental concerns. 
1. Walk and Roll to school this Friday
This Friday is also Walk and Roll Day. To show our commitment to keeping the earth a cleaner place, let's get out of our cars and walk/bike/scooter our children to school tomorrow. If you live farther away from school, please consider parking your car in the nearby Mitchell park or on neighboring streets, then walking your children to school from there. It takes only a few extra minutes for us to show this effort, but the benefit goes a long way. The bond between you and your children will last for a lifetime. Walking together with other kids to school is fun. It helps to build friendships and creates a healthy social environment for the community. Additionally, you can observe the things around you about our beautiful earth as you and your children walk: trees, flowers, birds, bugs, clouds, and the breeze that you can feel on your faces. All these little but essential things will feel much more alive and noticeable as you walk. It helps us to appreciate nature more. Here is the walk and roll map to Hoover.  Hope you will all walk to school tomorrow.
2. Dress Hoover with your plants
Please remind your children to bring a plant to Hoover tomorrow. Please label the plant with each child's name, and drop it off in front of their classrooms.  Let's decorate Hoover and make Hoover a more beautiful place as a small but proud part of the earthly community.
3. Final call for food waste prevention suggestions
Please help your children to submit their suggestions of how to stop food-wasting to this Google link. We will post the suggestions on the Hoover campus.
Looking forward to a beautiful Earth Day with you all tomorrow!
Yuhong Kong
Gardening Club & Green Team