Town Hall Recording and Recap
Fri, Oct 22 8:33pm
Dear Hoover Community,

The Town Hall full recording is available here. (1 hr long)

Key takeaways:
- The $72M proposal (new design/construction vs. renovation) for a completely modernized campus while the site is un-occupied has the majority support of the Board:
President Shounak Dharap-term ends 2022 and plans to run again
Ms. Jennifer DiBrienza-terms ends 2024 
Ms. Jesse Ladomirak-term ends 2024
- Under the strong advocacy of Eric Holm (Facilities) and impactful suggestion of LPA Architects, the School Board is likely to approve new design (when presented) and set the project on fast track (instead of traditional process) to finish by original completion date.
- Eric Holm confirms that Palo Verde goes first because their renovation plan is approved and ready. He assures it will have no impact on the Hoover rebuild.
- PAUSD provided assurance there are enough resources to finance the rebuild, even if it goes over budget. Topics/factors such as equity (Hoover being the first/only elementary site to undergo a complete transformation) and enrollment (current district-wide drop is not coming from Hoover) have been and will continue to be taken into consideration.
- Students could find similar, if not better, facility conditions for their temporary relocation to Cubberley. Per Eric Holm, "It's going to be NICE."
- Hoover has much to look forward to with a start time of approximately summer 2023 and expected completion in 2025.
- Sincere appreciation to board members, board staff, Mr. Sherman, PTAC, Hoover PTA, and all the parents for the very meaningful exchange on Hoover Rebuild thus far. 
- PTA will form a Rebuild Committee for you to sign up, stay informed and update parents going forward. Your participation is encouraged.