Urgent Reminder to all Parents Driving on Campus
Wed, Jan 26 3:36pm

Hello Hoover Community,


This message is to remind you to please be patient, slow down, watch for pedestrians, and refrain from using your cell phones when driving through the school campus.


It's very easy to get distracted as we all face many daily challenges, but the safety of our children comes first.  Some recent examples I have seen on traffic duty in the mornings:

  1. Today, a car almost hit a child (this could have been your child) who was walking in the crosswalk and had the right of way.  I had to step between the vehicle and the child. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but it was a very close call.
  2. Some parents have their cell phones in hand when driving.  Please put your phones away for the few minutes you are driving through campus.  
  3. Cars are buzzing by too quickly; please slow down!
  4. Not stopping when directed at crosswalks (while children and adults are crossing).  

Like me, the parents who volunteer to do traffic duty in the mornings do it to help keep our students safe.  So please do your part and work with us to make drop-offs and pick-ups accident-free for everyone.  


I appreciate your support,

Jim Emerich