Wed, Aug 14 10:58pm

Dear Hoover Parents!

Welcome back to another wonderful school year!!

Hope your child's first day of school went smoothly and that you were as excited as they were for the school to re-open! ;)

Please note a few important things:

1. Our Back-to-School packets are ready for distribution and has been placed in all the teacher's mailboxes.Your child will bring it home most probably, end of day tomorrow. These contain the One check form and other important flyers for your information. Kindly go through them.

2.  As our PTA Calendar has not yet been voted and approved by our general association, they will be sent home as well as posted on Konstella, after the first PTA General Association meeting on September 3rd.

Till then, all important dates for August can be found on the Konstella calendar, as well as in the eNews.

3.  Room Parents - We need 2  Room Parents from each room to help build a smooth parents-teacher bond, to manage communication in order to help with a few classroom related activities/events and a few PTA related ones. 

Parents who are interested in signing up for this invaluable role, please do so on Konstella - Under the Committees section - in the Room Parents Committee header.

As these are limited openings, it is open to all Hoover parents on a first come, first served basis.

There will be a Room Parent Orientation and briefing this Friday 8/16/2019 in the MPRoom after drop off at 8.05 am for about 30 minutes, where more details on the role and related information will be shared by the Room Parents Coordinator - Jasmine Dhaliwal & myself.

We also have the role of the Executive Vice President (EVP) open on the Hoover PTA Board. If any of you are interested, please do not hesitate to connect with either Anita Leung (helloanita@yahoo.com) or myself.

4. Online donation payment will be ready in a couple of days for those who wish to pay their contributions online. You will be notified on Konstella about this.

For those who wish to pay via check, you can use the One check form that is sent along with the Back -to-School packets and you can drop off the filled forms in the office or bring them on the Back to school night, on August 20th.

5. The After school program schedule will be sent home once it gets ready. The Fall programs usually start in the 2nd week of September. Rachelle in the front office will have more details on this.

6. All Parents - Kindly log into your Konstella account and update your child's classroom details, in order to be placed in the correct classroom and not to miss out on any classroom communications that will soon start.

A warm welcome once again, to a brand new school year !!

In case you have any questions, please  do not hesitate to reach out to me .

Warm regards,

Indira Selvakumaraswamy

Hoover PTA President 2019-2020