Walk & Roll: Call for help Friday 4/19 7:35-8 am
Fri, Apr 19 7:35am-8:00am
Hoover Elementary
1 day before

Dear parents,

We need 4-5 volunteers Friday 4/19 7:35-8 am to hand out prizes to students.

Here’s the plan:

7:35: meet outside of the main office, pick spots.

7:35-40: take prizes and walk to spots.

We need to cover at least 4 spots.

To hand out prizes:

The crossing with a stop sign in front of the main gate. 1-2 people.

The upper campus walk/bike entrance from the north Middlefield (near the crossing with traffic lights).

The upper campus walk/bike entrance from the south Middlefield.

To hand out encouragement stickers:

The driving drop-off lane.

You are guaranteed to see some smiling faces!

Thanks in advance!



Hand out prizes Signed Up: 5 / 5

Fri, Apr 19 7:35am-8:00am