Walk N Roll Day Tomorrow!
Thu, Oct 7 3:24pm

Fall Walk-n-Roll Day October 8, 2021

Families are encouraged to walk or bike to school tomorrow! Hoover Walk & Roll to School Day is to motivate families to walk and bike to school with the goal of fostering a healthy and active lifestyle, reducing traffic congestion and related air pollution, leading to a safer environment within school zones. To assist families in finding the best walking or biking route to school, each campus has a Walk & Roll map that outlines the best routes and shows estimated walking and biking times for different distances. Hoover’s Walk & Roll map can be found here.

If you live too far from Hoover to walk or bike, you can still participate by carpooling or  parking a few blocks away from school and walking the rest of the way. 


Every student who participates will receive a little gift.