Upcoming Sign-Ups

Math Games Night (Friday, September 29th, 5-7pm at Greendell)

Fri, Sep 29 4:30pm-7:30pm

  Hoover PTA invites students to participate in Math Games Night September 29th, 5-7 @ Greendell Lunch Tables Join us for fun evening of math games and pizza! PLEASE: Sign up to help make this event p ... [More]

Lunchtime Basketball Volunteers

Fri, Sep 29 11:50am-12:25pm

Looking for parent(s) volunteers to come and help supervise lunch time basketball activities @ Pavilion. Grades 4-5 to start (want to see the numbers) if there is enough supervision for the student nu ... [More]

Ice Skating Party standing in line

Thu, Sep 28-10:00am

It's time of the year when we need to get a date for our annual Ice Skating Party! Please come and help us line up in Winter Lodge to secure a date.

Morning Library Help --checking in and shelving books

Mon, Sep 25

Hello Hoover Family:   We need help in the library every Monday -Thursday morning from 8:00AM-8:45 AM to check in all the books that come back to the library, and shelve them back into their homes.  I ... [More]

Lunchtime Garden Club

Mon, Sep 25 12:00pm-1:00pm

Join Garden Lead, Anastasia Sivura, to help beautify the space.  Check in at Front Desk before heading over to the garden.

Traffic Volunteer

Mon, Sep 25 7:40am-2:15pm

  Looking for volunteer to help direct traffic in the morning & afternoon.  Please sign up for the days that you can.   For Wednesdays, afternoon volunteer time would be 1pm to 1:15pm.    When you arr ... [More]

Sign-Ups Without Specified Date

No sign-ups without specified dates at Herbert Hoover Elementary.