More End of the Year Grants
Tue, May 22 11:30am

This announcement includes 3 more grant requests that the teachers and principal would like granted.  

The 1st grant is for a Cricut Machine that was requested by the Preschool teacher, but could be used by all teachers and staff in the building.  It allows them to cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, and other materials to be used for classroom manipulatives for all classes,  classroom bulletin boards, student work, and art materials. 

The 2nd grant is for Breakout Boxes that enable all the teachers in the building to have interactive adventures in the classroom to solve problems and find a solution.

The 3rd grant is from Mr. Andrew.  The school will be getting a new entry way with the construction bond money for our school.   Originally the bond was going to be able to pay for this software that would allow our school a better screening system for our school.  Unfortunately due to the rising costs in construction the district will not be able to pay for the screening software.  Here is a link to the software website. 

All of these grants need to be voted on individually.  I will need a  yes or no for each grant options.  

We are currently working to balance our PTO budget to ensure they there are enough funds to cover these expenses even if they passed as grants.  

Please share your thoughts and questions as well as your vote for these grants. 


Thank you,

Michelle Roderick