Steam Earth Jam April 23rd Grant Requests
Mon, Mar 12 1:55pm

We have several grants requests that have come in for the STEAM Earth Jam on April 23rd.


The grants are:

  • $100 grant for Soap Making Supplies -  The students are making Goats Milk Soap at the event to take home.  
  • $275 grant for Nature's Educators Talon Talk Presenters who will be bringing 2 Raptors to school to talk with students about the raptors history,  hunting strategies, and habitats.  This is the only paid presenter (all others have donated their time) the cost for this grant goes to help the raptors and Nature's Educators mission. 
  • $250 grant for Snacks for the students and teachers.  The students will have a very active day and this grant is to pay for healthy snacks ant to keep them hydrated.  

All the grant paperwork is attached if you would like to read the actual grant sheets.  The snack grant if approved will come out of the wellness funds from Run with Timber proceeds.  Please reply to this email with your vote for each grant and/or any questions you have about these grants.  

They will also need volunteers for this event.    I will send out a separate notice about the volunteer opportunities.