Teacher Appreciation K cup drive
Fri, Aug 25
High Plains Elementary
3 days before

The teachers have an individual serving coffee and tea maker in the teacher lounge that helps make their day even brighter.  We would like to collect as many as we can to wish the teachers and staff a great year.   The teachers love the coffee, flavored coffees, teas, fruit infused teas, hot cocoas, chai teas, lemonade, snapple, and everything else under the sun.   We would like to collect at least 500.  We have 60 staff and teachers in the building.  The cups come in sets of 3, 6, 9 up to 100 in a box and can be purchased from any grocery store, wholesale club, some drug stores or you can you even order them on Amazon.   You can drop them off in the office or send them in with your student. 


K cups Signed Up: 2 / 500

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