📢 Last call for lap cards & credit card checkout info!
Tue, Apr 26 4:55pm

❤️ Thank you for making the walkathon such a success, Hillcrest! There are a few business items we are wrapping up this week:


👟 If you haven't turning in your lap card yet, please email a picture of it to walkathon@hillcrestpta.org by the end of today, 4/26. If you do not submit your lap card by this deadline, your laps will not count toward your class's lap total (the totals between many classes are very close, so be sure to submit your lap card!). 


💳 Heads up: Credit cards used for per lap pledges will be charged this weekend. 


👏 Thank you again for your support and participation. Stay tuned to Konstella and the Hillcrest News for more updates and information as we finalize the event!