***The Jungle Book - Last Chance To Sign Up!***
Sat, Feb 4 9:57am

Reminder: Group auditions (fun, low pressure!) for this year's school play, "The Jungle Book," are next Monday, Feb 6th, 3-5pm.  Permission slip required - click HERE.  About 50 roles will be cast, and there are opportunities for kids of all ages, K-8!  If your student would like to audition, please ensure the following:

  • Complete the permission slip before Monday auditions -- electronic version, click HERE. If your student is in after-care at BACR, staff will work with Missoula to make sure kids make it to/from the audition.  Your student may also bring a signed paper copy (forms were sent home last week).
  • Stay for the entire audition period (3-5pm).  

Additional information about that week's rehearsal schedule and performances can be found HERE.


Cost: The play will cost each cast member ~$125 (give or take $25 depending on the # of students who participate).  If the cost presents a hardship, please email Mary Cousins (mcousins@gmail.com).


What is Missoula's Children's Theatre (MCT)?

MCT is the nation’s largest touring children’s theatre, and a beloved tradition at Hillcrest. The MCT tour team arrives in their “little red truck” loaded with a set, lights, costumes, props and make-up, everything it takes to put on a play … except the cast!  After holding low-pressure, fun, group open auditions, students will be cast to perform in the production - there are small and big roles for all ages K-8! The show is rehearsed after school throughout the week (Mon-Fri), culminating with two live shows on Saturday. It is a whirlwind week of after school, performing arts fun that is not to be missed! :)


Additional questions?  Please email Mary Cousins (mcousins@gmail.com).