**Please Read - Safety Info**
Tue, Aug 9 6:07pm


It has come to our attention that the streets around Hillcrest have been fairly chaotic the past two days, around drop off and pick up times. Several cars have been left unattended in the drop off line, creating traffic jams and precarious maneuvering on an already narrow street with many children in the crosswalks. Cars are double parked on Mandalay at pick up time, blocking driveways, or staff spaces. We really need our community members to work together so that the area surrounding our school is a safe place for our families and kids.


Please take a moment to review the following:



  • The front of school is for drop off and pick up ONLY - do not park and leave your vehicle.
  • Do not ever park in the DISABLED PERSON'S spot on Marguerite, unless you have an appropriate placard. We have community members who rely on this spot. Unauthorized vehicles will be subject to tickets or towing.
  • Please be mindful of our neighbors - do not block or crowd driveways. 
  • Do not block any of the surrounding crosswalks.
  • Do not stop your vehicle to drop your student off at the Mandalay Gate - even if it is only for “a minute”, this creates a traffic jam for exiting families and is unsafe.
  • Do not park in the staff parking spaces along Mandalay at any time - it is imperative that our staff have access to their spots to keep the day running on schedule.
  • Refrain from driving uphill on Marguerite during pick up and drop off times, as the flow of traffic is going the other way (downhill from Hermosa) and often cars are maneuvering around other cars in the drop off line.



If you haven’t already, please refer to the maps to familiarize yourself with where your student should line up, where to drop them off, and where to pick them up. We are located in a residential neighborhood with narrow roads and if we all do our part to follow the procedures, the drop off and pick up experience will be smoother and safer for all!