*Update & Clarification on COVID Case Reporting*
Tue, Jan 25 11:18am

Dear Hillcrest families,


We want to clarify the latest procedures regarding notifications of positive COVID cases at school.


  • The OUSD Contact Tracing team determines whether or not individuals who test positive were infectious while on campus. 
  • If the Contact Tracing team determines the individual was infectious on campus, they will send out a letter to those considered in “close contact” with them.
  • If you hear of a positive case in your student’s class, but have not received a letter, it is because the Contact Tracing team determined that student was not infectious while at school.
  • There will no longer be any general school wide/community letters notifying everyone of any positive case on campus. 
  • Principal McCormick receives the letter directives from the Contact Tracing team, but does not make the decision on who is notified. 


OUSD continues to pivot and adapt to new data, information, regulations, and best practices regarding testing, positive cases, and keeping students, staff, and faculty safe. It is imperative that you stay tuned to all emails from OUSD, as they will contain the latest, most up to date information.


If you have not already, please register your student for Primary here: ousd.org/covidtestingregistration.


If you haven’t done so, please also email your child’s vaccination status here: vaccinestatus_student@ousd.org. 


Helpful info: COVID Protocol update.


Please stay vigilant and follow the protocols that will help to keep our families and communities as safe as possible. We know everyone is feeling the strain, but we must continue to do our best to protect those around us. Thank you!