2022-23 After Care Program Information and Registration link
Tue, May 17 10:26am

*** Sending on behalf of Bay Area Community Resources (Hillcrest's after school program provider for 2022-2023) ***



Thank you to families for attending last night's orientation regarding the aftercare program at Hillcrest for 2022-2023.   For reference and those who were unable to attend, the zoom recording will be shared via youtube link later today.  In the meantime, attached are the slide decks from the presentation.

Registration for the 2022-23 after school program is open now.  Please go to: bacr.force.com/afterschool

How to video: https://youtu.be/fhnAuLjDhfk

Fee Schedule: see attached

Before School Care interest form: forms.gle/YMWibTt8nCHsu6y67

Questions form: forms.gle/EdF2Gh6UZvuskV349

We are working on answering all questions and will send them by the end of the day or early tomorrow morning.

Thank you,

Marisa, Gabby, Lisa, and Shayna

Bay Area Community Resources