8th grade graduation video! (and car parade reminder)
Thu, May 27 3:47pm

Hi all,

Let's give a HUGE shout out to our beloved 8th graders who graduated from Hillcrest today.  Please take a moment (13 minutes actually) and watch this awesomely-produced video showcasing our 8th graders!


There are comments from Principal McCormick, faculty and students as well as a slide show showing where each kid will be attending high school.

CONGRATULATIONS again, 8th graders and their families!

Reminder... cheer on our 8th graders during TONIGHT's 8th grade car parade between 6:10-6:30pm.

Best Places to Cheer/Watch:

  • Golden Gate Avenue (between Broadway Terrace & the “Big Tree”)
  • Broadway Terrace (between Clarewood and Hermosa Ave)
  • Mandalay (between Marguerite & Harbord)
  • Harbord Drive (between Mandalay & Florence)
  • Florence Avenue (between Harbord & Proctor)
  • Proctor Avenue (between Estates & Amy)
  • Amy Drive (between Proctor and Harbord)
  • Harbord Drive / Clarewood Drive (between Amy Dr. & Oakland Spirituality Center)