Bike to School Day is Tomorrow, Thursday, May 9th!
Wed, May 8 6:33pm
Hillcrest Elementary

Hello, Hillcrest families!

Bike to School Day is TOMORROW, Thursday, May 9th!

Important info: 

MEET-UP:  Meet Mr. Rodriguez, Mr. Smith and Mr. Shogren at 8:05 at the Village Market tomorrow morning and bike to school in a big Hillcrest pack (parents are encouraged to join in the fun and to help keep everyone together and safe).  Alternatively, you can plan to meet at a friend's house and ride/scoot/walk together!

CHECK-IN:  Follow the sidewalk chalk! All bikers, scooter riders, skateboarders, and walkers should check-in at the table at the school entrance, just outside of Mr. Shogren's classroom (room 4) upon arrival. Students will receive stickers and may enter the raffle drawing.

NEW! PLAYGROUND BIKE PARADE:  Riders are allowed to do a lap around the playground, before parking their wheels. Please be mindful of the first bell at 8:25!

WHEELED PARKING:  Bikes/scooters/other wheeled objects will be parked safely in the fenced area between Mr. Shogren's classroom and Ms. Simmons's classroom (the portable building) until the end of the day Thursday.

MARGUERITE DRIVE:  Students should NOT ride down the hill in front of the school on Marguerite Drive, as this is the drop-off zone for cars only. Our wonderful crossing guard, Gary, will be at the top of the hill to remind kids to hop off their bikes and walk them down the sidewalk at that point.

QUESTIONS? For more information on this event click here. Or, email Laura Todd at Thank you!

This Bay Area event, sponsored by Safe Routes to School, is meant to encourage physical activity and environmental awareness. The hills around Hillcrest can make biking challenging for many, which is why we are choosing to acknowledge scooter-riders and walkers, as well. We hope to see you outside getting some fresh air tomorrow morning!