Campus Security
Fri, Nov 30 12:42pm
Hillcrest Elementary

Dear Hillcrest community,

We want to inform you that over the weekends there has been repeated vandalism, underage drinking, and other unwanted activity occurring on our campus. This repeated activity has been reported by neighbors to OUSD and OPD. OUSD has the responsibility to secure the campus. As a stop gap measure the gates will be locked on the weekend. OUSD will be installing an egress gate at the front of the school and also a metal plate to the existing egress gates on the playground to prevent access without a school key.

We regret that the actions of a few will impact weekend access for everyone. Unfortunately, we don’t have the funding for security personnel or for weekend staffing to lock and unlock the gates. If you have other thoughts on how to prevent this unwanted activity while maintaining access for others, please let us know.