Community Updates
Fri, Oct 12 3:30pm
Hillcrest Elementary


Today is the deadline for donations for Hillcrest’s largest fundraiser of the year.  I would like to ask that as you plan for the benefit, please keep in mind that the money raised at this event determines whether our PTA can continue to fund all the programs that enrich each students’ educational experience here at Hillcrest.  The Hillcrest PTA spends an average of $2,000 on each student each year on programs, curriculum, and classroom support. Please know how much I, as well as the teachers and staff of Hillcrest, appreciate your generosity and the unique partnership we share in making Hillcrest the best school in the District.


My sincere thanks to all of you who share in the success of the Hillcrest students.  I look forward to seeing many of you at the Benefit—there are still tickets available.

With Gratitude,

Maria McCormick


Chabot Satellite Academy

The Chabot Satellite Academy is an innovative collaboration between the Chabot Space and Science Center and Hillcrest School (Oakland Unified) to deepen science learning for middle school students through repeated access and exposure to museum quality resources and surrounding parks.  Starting in on Tuesday, October 16 over our 102 middle school students will use Chabot as their satellite learning site once a week, for a total of twenty visits throughout the school year. The program will focus on three major themes: science literacy, how science works, and learning about learning.  All programs will integrate the California State Adopted Next Generation Science Standards, with an emphasis on the Science and Engineering Practices. In total, the interdisciplinary curriculum of the Academy intends to incorporate more than science content and will include connections to the history of science, mathematical applications, writing in the content area, art, and physical education.


Specifically, students will work on three major projects during the Academy.  First, using the exhibits at Chabot, students will explore learning about learning.  Second, students will conduct a citizen science research project focused on finding solutions to one of four concerns in our local and global community: waste/litter, climate change, human health, and income equality. Third, students will share and educate others about what they have learned through a public media project, such as a video, animation, or interactive app. The entire program will culminate in evening and weekend events for families and the public.


The Chabot Satellite Academy gives students the opportunity to deeply experience museum exhibits and programs and understand many behind the scenes aspects of museums.  Guest speakers will bring another important resource to help students understand how scientists observe and understand the world. The neighboring parks including Redwood Regional Park and Joaquin Miller Park, provide additional opportunities for hikes and other outdoor exploration.


The curriculum and teaching will be designed and delivered collaboratively by Chabot staff and Hillcrest teachers.  

Comings and Goings

Second grade teacher Mrs. Barbara Buswell has chosen to pursue new opportunities and will be leaving the Hillcrest community.  We thank her for her years of service to the students and families of Hillcrest. We wish her success and happiness in her next endeavor.



On October 19 there is no school, in lieu of Lincolns birthday.