Mon, Feb 7 12:14pm

Hillcrest Families:


The board vote on school closures will happen at tomorrow’s meeting, Feb 8 at 5PM. We encourage families to get loud today and tomorrow, but also anticipate that the fight will continue for the next several weeks. 


In a discussion yesterday initiated by City Councilwoman Carroll Fife, many stated that they’ve never seen such massive mobilization around the issues that OUSD faces, including closures. This is a unique moment to make lasting and real change in OUSD. Let’s take this energy, and make an impact.


Whether you have 5, 15, or 30 minutes, you can do something to support our students. But first:



Communication and Organizing Support

Would you like to help the Hillcrest organizing effort on behalf of Hillcrest & OUSD? A group of parents has been coordinating information and communications across multiple sources, and we need support. Please reach out to Jodie Kirk or Holly Smith and they will relay you to the right contact behind the scenes.


Media/PR Pro Bono Support

Do you work for a media/PR agency who would consider taking on some Pro Bono work on behalf of OUSD parents? Please get in touch with Holly Smith or Lauren Dresnick ASAP.


  • Send a letter to leaders via Action Network: Reparations for Black Students has created a campaign that sends letters of support to protect majority Black schools from closure. Your letter will be automatically sent to 30 leaders, including the School Board, City Councilmembers, and local and state representatives, and can be personalized by you. Over 33K letters have been sent so far.


  • Sign a student petition: 4th grader Julius Goodman started a petition to save Hillcrest Middle School. Let’s see if we can get to 400 signatures today, and this will be packaged in a note to Gary Yee and Sam Davis.


  • Do everything above.



  • Stay informed: Follow these social media accounts to stay on top of the latest news surrounding school closures



  • Do everything above.



  • Film a 10-30 second video to share your story: Film a short video that shares what you love about your school, and what you want to say to the OUSD school board. See the flier below for more information, and email your video to


School closures have happened before. Lear more in these resources to read, watch, and follow: 

Articles & Research:

  • Clear & concise background of current OUSD situation & how charter schools continue to undermine public education: read more


  • Research article on school closures and the impacts it has on communities: read more