Tue, Feb 8 12:09pm

Hillcrest families:


Tonight the Board of Ed will vote on whether to approve the measure to consolidate schools, including Hillcrest Middle School. Thank you so much for all of your support and advocacy to date!




  • Attend the Board Meeting (5pm via Zoom): There’s an Oakland-wide effort to drive strong attendance at the meeting so the vote is highly visible and publicized. If you feel comfortable, please make a public comment at the meeting advocating for Hillcrest and other impacted OUSD schools.

  • Leave a public e-comment even if you plan to attend tonight: You can use these points from Equity Allies.

  • Support Westlake’s HUNGER STRIKERS by attending their outdoor press conference on the lawn of Westlake Middle School today at 2:30pm. Moses and André are having some health complications this morning. The urgency of rallying around them grows!!



Tonight is not the end of the road. While this vote is much-anticipated and we’ve worked incredibly hard to influence its outcome, it won’t necessarily reflect a final decision. Note a couple key dates later this month:

  • Feb. 15th: Oakland City Council votes on a resolution for Governor Newsom & the State Legislature to prevent Oakland school closures

  • Feb. 18th: Deadline to submit a bill to the CA state legislature

Thursday 10th Feb - Hillcrest PTA Meeting 6pm

Learn more about the work underway at Thursday’s PTA meeting.  Community members, including Hillcrest parents, are working on next steps to stop school closures across the district. During the PTA’s Association Meeting (open to all Hillcrest parents)  we’ll be highlighting the various workstreams underway (from continued lobbying + legal work to supporting 4th/5th/6th grade families as they navigate middle school options). More volunteers are needed across all efforts! Look for the Zoom link on Konstella.


Calling Hillcrest community lawyers: We're looking for an education lawyer with experience representing parents and students on issues with school districts for a variety of claims, from constitutional to procedural/administrative. We’re in touch with the ACLU and AG’s office, and are looking for additional support. Know anyone who fits the bill? Willing to reach out to your networks for leads? Please contact Nicole Lopez ( and Eileen Carney (


Look out for a community survey: Tomorrow, look for a survey to understand community concerns and interest in various next steps. Every community member has their own POV, and we want to make sure we’re representing families’ needs correctly as we move forward.