Dear Community members:
Fri, Feb 12 3:12pm


On behalf of the Equity & Inclusion leadership team, thanks for joining our diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) meeting last Thursday, and for expressing interest if you couldn’t make it.  We know there is so much swirling around, especially with the uncertainty about school re-opening.  In that context, we’re grateful for your support and understanding that inclusion, anti-racism, addressing harm and fostering kindness are foundational to making school healthy, welcoming and fulfilling for all students & community members - whether we’re in crisis distance learning or in-person.  


Our next major step is to select a steering committee of parents and staff to carry this work forward, together with a new DEI consultant. The committee will collaborate with the PTA and the Hillcrest community to: develop and refine our goals  and provide guidance to working groups in the establishment and implementation of specific and measurable objectives. Furthermore they will act as the champions of the collective impact effort in the Hillcrest community. 


We expect the steering committee to launch in March and perhaps meet monthly, settling into an every-other-month schedule once working groups are established and a consultant is on board.  Working groups may focus on:  creating a welcoming community, doing a needs assessment, looking at curriculum, etc.  


We invite anyone interested to apply to join the Steering Committee.  In order to ensure that diverse voices are heard and lifted up, we have the following priorities: 


Priority 1: Parents/families who identify (or whose children identity) as Black, Indigenous or people of color (BIPOC) and/or who come from another community underrepresented at Hillcrest (LGBTQ+, immigrant, people with disabilities, etc.) 

Priority 2: Parents/family members who reflect representation across the K-8 grade range

Priority 3: Parents/family members from both inside and outside the Hillcrest catchment area/neighborhood. 


If you’re interested in either the steering committee or working groups, please fill out this very quick Google form by Friday, February 19th and we will get back to you by March 1st. 


With gratitude,


Gloria Bruce, PTA DEI

Rebecca Gitenstein,  PTA DEI

Alia Dolan, Mental Health Consultant

Maria McCormick, Principal