Dear Hillcrest Community
Mon, Jun 8 9:10pm


Dear Hillcrest Community,

I am heartbroken and outraged by George Floyd’s murder, and the deaths of  Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Philando Castille, Trayvon Martin,Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, Walter Scott, Terrence Crutcher , Tamir Rice, and so many others who should still be alive today. 


I stand with those across our nation, The NAACP, Black Lives Matter and other community efforts to step up, speak up, educate, donate, and  eliminate what is long overdue America’s racial disparities. 

As the principal of Hillcrest, I am resolute in my commitment to eliminate racism in our school community and beyond. I am committed to being an ally for the Black community in the fight for systemic change.  I will double down on my commitment to have courageous conversations with staff, parents, and community to ensure that we raise kind, inclusive, and anti-racist children. 

In community and partnership,

Maria McCormick


How to support our children?

With the onslaught of all that is going on right now, I wanted to give you some resources on how to talk to your children about race:

Center for Racial Justice Family Resources

Teaching Tolerance


10 Tips for Teaching and Talking to Your Kids About Race

Children's Book List


How to be an anti-racist ally  



Additional Anti-racism resources


 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, LA Times Op Ed, May 30, 2020


Superintendent's Message: "In the Absence of True Peace" 


Additional Resources:

  1. Talking to children about race- Sesame Workshop/NPR 
  1. Talking to children about racial bias-Healthy Children 
  1. The 1619 Project, The New York Times Podcast
  1. Ten Tips for Talking to Children About Race- Penn State College of Education
  1. 30 Children's Books About Diversity-Book Riot
  1. Oakland Public Library- Great Reads
  2. Roots, Race, and Place: A history of exclusionary housing in the San Francisco Bay Area- Othering and Belonging Institute
  1. Let's Talk: Discussing Race, Racism, and Difficult Topics With Students- Teaching Tolerance
  1. Talking to Young Children About Bias and Prejudice- ADL League
  1. Hate at School- Southern Poverty Law Center


UPCOMING EVENT:  "Healing Spaces: Discussions of Race and Privilege in a

Time of Unrest"  sponsored

by Joaquin Miller Elementary and open to all school communities on June 11th

from 6:30 - 8:00 pm - ADULTS ONLY 


Our city and country are experiencing an outpouring of

collective pain, grief, and anger at George Floyd’s murder and the centuries of white supremacy that allowed it to happen.  As a school community, we wish to open ourselves to the necessary hard conversations that this moment requires.  Our hope is that through honest dialogue and emotional transparency, we can create the space for healing and change.


This will be facilitated by ANDREA JOHNSON, educator, mom, and advocate for social justice. She has worked with many high school students in OUSD as part of the Dual Enrollment program and teaches at Merritt College and CSU, East Bay. She is currently finishing her Ed.D. focusing on the identity of young Black athletes

in regard to education and sport. 


Please join members of the Joaquin Miller and other elementary school communities for an open discussion of race, white privilege, and our path forward on June 11th.  All community members are welcome to attend and listen, but we particularly wish to raise up Black voices at this time.  RSVP HERE.