Mon, Oct 24 5:25pm

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Don't Wait Until a Board Decision Impacts Your Child!

Educate Yourself NOW on the Issues

Attend the OUSD Board Meeting *this* Wednesday

Wednesday, 10/26 @6:30p


Prior to January 2022, most Hillcrest parents had never attended an OUSD district  board meeting. We're all so busy; does it matter?

Many of us had our eyes opened earlier this year. After attending countless board meetings we have clarity on the current board's quality of leadership and community engagement across a range of issues that impact Oakland public schools.

This is the last School Board Meeting Before the November election!

Observe the current board. Decide what qualities are important when electing a School Board candidate in D4 (Hillcrest cachement), D2 and D6. As with any political campaign, misinformation abounds.

Get the facts!

Join Hillcrest Parents (all grades) Attending Wednesday's School Board Meeting In Person or via Zoom!

This is the last Board Meeting before the 11/8 Election!


Have You Made your School Board Candidate(s) Decision?

If you are still undecided about your #1 and/or #2 pick, read up on the issues and talk to fellow parents. Many of us have been paying close (!) attention and are happy to share research information (and opinions when solicited). Remember to vote both #1 and #2 as the election is rank choice! (If your #1 pick loses, your #2 pick gets your vote.)

This is a pivotal election for all of OUSD and Oakland. Many of Oakland charter schools' 10-year contracts are up for renewal next year so the new board will have a tremendous and long-term impact.


Online Resources:

  • How ranked-choice voting works in Oakland elections (Oaklandside)
  • A guide to Oakland’s Nov. 8 general election (Oaklandside)
  • KQED Election Guide (KQED, no school board info)
  • 2022 Candidate Forum - Oakland Unified School District - District 4 (League of Women Voters)
  • D4 PTA School Board Candidate Forum (D4 Cross-School PTA)
  • Campaign Financing Records - find out who's funding the candidates' campaigns! (City of Oakland)


Join Hillcrest Parents Every Sunday (now at 1:30p)

in the Hillcrest Nature Area! Information & Discussion.

 All Oakland parents, neighbors & community members are welcome!