Hillcrest Helps Out With Hurricane Harvey - First Community Service Drive of 2017-18
Mon, Sep 4 9:26pm
Hillcrest Elementary
We've all seen the news reports: Hurricane Harvey is predicted to be the costliest natural disaster in US history, at $190 billion in damage.The Hillcrest Community Service team has organized an easy  way for our community to help by collecting  spare change.
If your family would like to help out, we are launching a community service drive starting tomorrow, Tuesday Sept 5th through Friday Sept 15th
Here is how it works
  • Students collect "spare change" from family members, neighbors and friends (bills or rolled coins preferred ...)
  • You can also write a check made out to "Hillcrest PTA" with HURRICANE HELP written in the Memo area 
  • Students bring in donations to their classroom or office starting tomorrow 9/5  through 9/15
  • Funds will be tallied and deposited by the Hillcrest Community Service  team
  • Hillcrest PTA will make a donation from Hillcrest School to the Greater Houston Community Foundation (ghcf.org/) Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, set up by the Mayor of Houston. The GHCF is a leading foundation that has helped in previous hurricane and flood situations, and supports many local nonprofits.

Look for more info in the YP and if you have questions, email your Community Service team: sarahvwatson@yahoo.com or kristin.ruff@gmail.com

Please note that we are also mindful of the devastating flooding now afflicting South Asia, displacing thousands of people/animals. The HHH drive is a "think globally, act locally" effort, but some families may prefer to "act globally." Both approaches are generous and helpful.