Important Info! Benefit & Auction: Donations Needed!
Wed, Oct 13 3:25pm

Hillcrest Community, we need your help! 

Donation & ticket sales deadline: 10/22! Tickets are selling out fast, get yours here

Our annual auction & benefit is typically our biggest fundraiser and this year it will be crucial in sustaining staff positions, programs, and curriculum that our kids greatly benefit from at Hillcrest. There are MANY simple and easy ways you can contribute! Please take a moment to see what might be doable for your family!


  • Fancy pants, middle of the road, everyday drinking - we appreciate it all! Drop off your bottle from your car! Volunteers will be collecting wine Tuesdays & Fridays in front of school at drop off or leave wine donations at 233 Mandalay Road (Nova & Dave’s house). Submit with this form to get credit for your donation.

Skills & Homemades!

  • Do you have a skill to offer the community? Are you a tradesperson? Everyone could use a few hours with a handyman! Carpentry, plumbing services or gardening services are also popular! Yoga teacher or personal trainer? Donate a spot in your class! 
  • Did you perfect your bread making skills over the pandemic? Donate monthly homemade sourdough! Or baked goods! Weekly freezer meals for a month, or a dinner kit of your specialty - lasagna, Texas chili & all the fixins, curry - there are so many possibilities!

Support local businesses at the same time!

  • Local restaurants and small businesses need our support now more than ever… help Hillcrest at the same time by purchasing gift cards to donate! Cafes, restaurants, toy stores, studios, salons - any place that is one of your faves makes for an easy donation.

Insider connections, hookups, & more!

  • Tickets (a game from your season tickets, a concert, performance, event, etc.) airline miles, vacation homes, access to local experiences & events? Big or small, we are grateful for it all. 

There is a party for everyone!

  • Please don’t be intimidated at the idea of “hosting” a party - adult parties are a huge hit and there are a ton of options, sizes, and directions your party could go in to fit your interests and needs. Please email us if you are interested but want more info, ideas, or support! Contact Meghan Langston at for party ideas and to secure your date. 


Want to help but need it extra simple?

  • We understand that some folks may not have the bandwidth to consider these options, but still want to support this critical fundraiser. If that sounds like you, we are happy to accept cash donations! Make your donation here!

The deadline for donations and ticket sales is 10/22. Please contact Leann Cawley at if you have any questions or need any help with your idea. Hillcrest, let’s come together and make this a success for our kids!

Check out this link to log any and all donations!