Initial survey results and anti-closure next steps
Thu, Feb 17 4:02pm

Thank you to the 96 Hillcrest community members who filled out the survey on next steps. We appreciate the thoughtful comments, and are using the data to help inform future communication and action.


While our community has a variety of views and opinions, we are unified in one key way: 95% of respondents support action to delay or stop any OUSD closures.


83% are ready to lobby state leaders to prevent closures — the #1 way we’re ready to take action. Also receiving overwhelming support: legal action in collaboration with the ACLU, community protests, and supporting anti-closure candidates for school board.


What the community supports

What we’re doing

Lobby state leaders


We’re developing Hillcrest community talking points and an action list for key leaders and influencers. Until that’s ready, you can make calls and write emails using this script and list.


Legal claims


Our small team of Hillcrest parent-attorneys have been meeting with key organizations to discuss legal action and potential claims on behalf of impacted families throughout the District. We are currently focused on how best the Hillcrest community can support these ongoing efforts and move them forward quickly, given the near-term impacts on so many families at our school and throughout Oakland. More to come soon… 


Community protests


We’re doubling down on community actions, with a calendar that can be bookmarked. 

You can take action today at the rally against school closures: 4:30 PM at the California State Building, 1515 Clay Street, Oakland. More info in the image below.


Support school board candidates who oppose all closures


This is a longer-term initiative, which a group of Hillcrest parents are investigating. More to come here in the weeks ahead.


Middle school transition planning/keeping students together


The desire to keep class cohorts together came through loud and clear in the survey comments. A group of parents is in conversations with OUSD to help make this happen, while we continue with other efforts to stop the closures altogether.




We’re still considering other avenues not listed above, but do plan on focusing the majority of our efforts in these areas for now. Please stay tuned for more updates and ways to take action.