Join us TONIGHT (6:30-8pm) - DEI Affinity Groups (virtual), facilitated by Holistic Resistance
Wed, May 4 1:24pm

From Holistic Resistance: 

We believe in the power of using many different tools to create safety and liberation in our communities. One of these tools are racial affinity groups. Based on your racial heritage and identity, we invite adults in the Hillcrest community to please join us on May 4th– 6:30pm-8pm:

  • White caucus: [LINK]   Meeting ID: 848 9638 7423   Passcode: 681824
  • People of Global Majority caucus (POC)[LINK] Meeting ID: 838 1757 670 Passcode: 556694


Why racial affinity groups?

They can reduce harm to People of the Global Majority (People of Color) when white people have the chance to process with other white people. They can create resilience for white people in learning how to support each other rather than competing with each other. They can create safety, release and connection for People of the Global Majority (People of Color) where they can talk about race without white people present.  Simply put: They work for some people. If they don't work for you, no worries. These meetings are optional, and we have whole-group community meetings as well for you to participate in. 


I have mixed racial identity, both white and People of the Global Majority. Where do I go?

You can go to either and will be welcomed and cared for as someone often facing the hurts of non-belonging that can happen in these spaces for mixed race people. In the white space, white people will be working honestly on their biases and creating community together. You will be cared for as someone who has mixed race identity and may be navigating both oppressor and oppressed identities. You are also welcome in the People of Global Majority space, where we counteract all the messages that tell us to be separate as people who have different skin tones and lived experiences, both honoring the reality that comes with light-skinned privilege and also joining together across different identities and skin tones to back each other and care for each other. 

We will have multiple affinity groups over time in the Hillcrest community - you are welcome to move back and forth both that day during the meeting and in the future. 


I'm white. Can I join the People of Global Majority space?

No - please respect the space and allow People of the Global Majority to have their own safe space to connect. When talking about racism like we are doing here at Hillcrest, often people with racialized identities are taking on extra labor of being in a mixed race space, sharing, and hearing white people share. This is a space for People of Global Majority to have respite from being in a mixed race space while talking about race...we ask the white folks respect that and join the white affinity group instead. 

Have questions? Please email us: