K-8 Art Update- customize your School and Art Supply Kit from the PTA by Wed.8/26
Fri, Aug 21 7:38pm


Hi Hillcrest Community,


I'm looking forward to starting classes with your young artists and makers in the coming week. To get things kicked off, please customize your School and Art Supply Kit from the PTA by going to this form:



Every Hillcrest student, K-8 will be offered this kit (even middle school students who are not enrolled in my classes) unless your family "opts out" using the form above. Please submit by next Wednesday 8/26 so I can get the kits ordered and compiled. 


Here is more info:

This year looks different for all of us. Art can be a source of emotional release, personal exploration, and avenue for expression. In collaboration with the Museum of Children's Art, I have been creating an off-screen curriculum that focuses on developing artistic behaviors, thinking and language.


You can learn more about the art program this year by checking out my art orientation video here: https://youtu.be/BviEtVh7ayc


To support this art process, each of your kids gets an art kit from the PTA! This form is a way to personalize which school supplies your family needs, and opt out of getting supplies you don't need or want. Can we note that this is for the fall and that we will do this again for the spring?


Opting out if you don't need the kit allows the school and PTA to give more to families that do need it. If you take no action, you will get the all three kits: (1) Basic School Kit, (2) Basic Art Kit and (3) the Starter Painter Kit.  


(1) Basic School Kit includes:
> one pair of scissors
> 2 school pencils
> one manual pencil sharpener
> one glue stick
> one pink eraser
> one dry erase marker

(2) Basic Art Kit includes:
> one zipper pouch
> one set of art-oriented paper (10x colored paper, 2x drawing paper, 2x painting paper, 5x patterned paper)
> one set of crayons (24 colors)
> one set of markers (10 colors)
> one set of colored pencils (8 colors)


(3) Optional Painter Kit includes:
> water brush pen (should you choose to opt out, any watercolor brush your kid likes will do; a brush pen was chosen to accommodate our K-8 age spectrum)
> round 10-well plastic paint palette
> powdered tempera cakes (white, black, red, yellow, blue)


More good stuff:
Does your kid have a particular love of a particular kind of art supply? We have some overstock of supplies from previous years that can be distributed according to need. Please indicate a material your kid(s) would use if you had access to it.
> Collage materials- patterned paper, extra colored paper, bigger sheets of paper
> Ceramic clay (we won't use the kiln, but making things is still fun!)- let it air dry or bake it in the oven for a semi permanent sculpture. Seal it with glue or paint to make it last a little longer. 
> Printmaking- foam plates. Copy paper and construction paper
> Realistic drawing kit- drawing pencils, sandpaper, blending stumps, blending shammy, drawing paper, art eraser, drawing paper
> Sculpture (tape, Elmer's glue, wire, pipe cleaner, wood blocks, Legos)
> Budding comic book artist- extra fine sharpie, fine sharpie, comic templates, tracing paper, graphite transfer paper
> Colorist/Expressionist- oil pastel, chalk pastel, colored paper




There is also an opportunity for ceramics classes attached.


Looking forward to seeing you in art!




Elisabeth Ronley