Letter to the Community from Alia Dolan
Thu, Mar 25 8:24pm

*** Sent on behalf of Alia Dolan ***

Dear Hillcrest Community,

It is with deep concern, and sincere empathy, that I reach out to you all and urge every one of us to connect with the kindest version of ourselves right now. We have been through an unprecedented year, one in which each and every member of this community has been impacted differently, and the reverberations of trauma are currently being felt. I do not presume to know what all of your personal experiences have been. What I do know is that we all hold a common goal of helping the children of our community learn the imperative social skills of kindness, empathy, and resilience. 

Our children are watching us as the adults: the congruence of our words and actions matter. They will take our lead. If we are able to connect to the parts within ourselves that are capable of understanding that every person is doing their very best just to get by right now, our children see that. If we are able to demonstrate our own resilience during uncertain and difficult times, they see that. If we are able to hold a space for pain, hurt, sadness, overwhelm and anger without using these emotions as a vehicle to harm others, they see that.  
I am urging all members of our community - parents, staff, students - to treat each other with the empathy, compassion, respect and humanity that a crisis like a global pandemic calls for. I am here to hold a space for each one of you, and your children, as we go through this transition back to in person learning. Let's all take good care of one another.
Ms. Alia