Looking for your Walkathon registration confirmation email?
Tue, Mar 1 7:32pm

Looking for your registration email?

  • The first batch of registration confirmation emails were sent today.  Please be on the lookout for an email from “Fundraising Campaign Update” with the subject “Your student registration is confirmed”.  If you don’t see an email like this, please check your SPAM folder. 

Still have yet to register your student for the Hillcrest Walkathon?  (It takes just a min!)

  • Register your student by March 15th, and they will receive a free Walkathon t-shirt.  Plus, all classes with 80% or more registered students by that date will win a popsicle party! Click HERE to register your student today! 
  • Below is a breakdown of registration percentages by class (as of Tues evening):
Class/Grade % Registered
K - Birling 33%
K - Stafford 43%
1st - Emerson 30%
1st - Royer 30%
2nd - Pecoraro 23%
2nd - Simmons 28%
3rd - Nelson 57%
3rd - Rosengarten 25%
4th - Ross 41%
4th/5th - Weinburg 19%
5th - Brown 11%
6th grade 30%
7th grade 14%
8th grade 13%