May the 4th be with you - We’ve transformed Scratch Day into Scratch Month!
Mon, May 4 8:38am

Scratch Month is a Global Celebration of Scratch!


This year, MIT has transformed Scratch Day into Scratch Month! The Scratch Team has organized a series of online Scratch activities throughout the month of May. We invite you to imagine, create, and share with others in the global Scratch community! To find out more, visit our SCRATCH MONTH PAGE , which will continue to be updated throughout May. 


About Scratch Day

Scratch Day started as a global network of events where people gather to celebrate Scratch, the free coding platform and online community for kids. Scratch Day events bring together young people from the Scratch community to share projects, learn from each other, and welcome newcomers.


Students will work on Scratch projects in Computer Science this month. Please sign up for Mr. Rodriguez's Scratch class using the link below. Please do not use your personal Scratch account for this month's activities.  Students will use flipgrid to showcase their projects this month. 

Sign up for Mr Rodriguez’s Scratch Class here


Please email me at if you have any questions.


How to Participate


With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations. Whether you are new to Scratch or a long-time user, we invite you to imagine what you would like to create. We hope Scratch Month brings a playful spirit to those Scratching around the world!


During the month of May, the Scratch Team will share a series of weekly themes. People of all ages are invited to create projects based on any of the themes that inspire them. Visit the “Featured Studios” section of the Scratch online community every Monday in May to find the weekly themes and create your own project.

Here is a preview of a few Scratch Month themes:

  • May 4th: Recycling Bin Crafts
    Make fun things out of stuff you find in your recycle bin!
  • May 11th: How Do You Peace Out?
    Design projects that help you and others feel calmer.
  • May 18th: Boredom Busters
    Scratch projects that make life easier… or more fun… or more weird.
  • May 25th: Chain Reaction
    Make a real or imaginary ball travel from one place to the next. How will it move? Where will it go next?


The Scratch website will feature studios for each of the themes launched in May. A studio is like an online gallery: it’s a collection of projects based on a certain theme. Add Scratch Month projects to the studios to share with the larger online community — as well as see what others around the world have created. Scratch Month studios will be launched every Monday in May alongside the themes.

Want to learn how to share a Scratch project to a studio? Here’s a step-by-step guide!

Tips for Getting Started

Just starting out? The Scratch Ideas page is a great place to find tips for getting started, tutorials, Scratch Coding Cards, and more, before jumping into Scratch Month themes.

Have limited or no internet access? The downloadable Scratch app allows users to create and save projects with or without an internet connection.

For Younger Children: ScratchJr is a free creative coding app for children (ages 5-7) to program their own interactive stories and games. It’s a great way for younger siblings to engage in Scratch Month!

News and Updates

Calendar Icon Scratch Month themes will be shared here soon, as well as every Monday in May on the Scratch homepage.
Language Icon The Scratch Team will be sharing daily updates on the Scratch Twitter account. Share your Scratch Month experience on Twitter using the hashtag #ScratchMonth.
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