OUSD Board Meeting Tomorrow - Things you need to know around school closures and more!
Tue, Jun 21 1:54pm

Happy Summer!


Kids may be out of school, but the administrative work around school closures and budgets continues.


We want to alert the community about some important decisions being made at tomorrow’s board meeting.  You can attend the meeting on Wednesday, 6PM via Zoom, or live in person at La Escuelita Elementary.


If you can’t join, here are actions you can take to support:


  • Delaying school consolidations: If you have 5 minutes, please write an ecomment stating your support of delaying the closures slated for this year. This measure would save all three schools slated for immediate closure, delaying them until 2023-2024. (Parker K-8,Community Day, and La Escuelita Middle School are the schools up for immediate closure.)  



  • Resolution to update the welcoming schools and budgets, the California Environmental Quality Act Exemption, and other matters relating to consolidations: If you have 15 minutes, read and comment against this measure here. This resolution authorizes the superintendent to decide how to spend $10m from AB 1840, authorizes the superintendent to redraw enrollment boundaries, states that there is no environmental impact from closures and thus it’s exempt from CEQA, and says “the Board hereby reconfirms its approval of the school consolidations pursuant to Resolution No. 2122-0030, as stated and modified herein.”  




  • Implementation of Superintendent’s 3 month paid sabbatical: This is to approve Johnson-Trammell’s three month sabbatical, beginning August 22, and appoint Dr. Sandra Aguilera as interim superintendent during this time — costing an estimated $31,000 from the General Fund. If you have 20 minutes, read this resolution and provide an ecomment here.