Picnic - Found items + Lost sports equipment
Fri, May 31 12:49pm
Hillcrest Elementary

Many thanks to Kira Gould and Beth Gousman for organizing yesterday's End-of-Year Picnic!  Please see their note below re: found and missing items.


Thank you to all those who were able to join us for the End-of-Year Picnic at Temescal. We especially appreciated the conscientious help with the trash!


If you have realized that you left behind a serving dish, serving utensil, or piece of clothing, and would like to retrieve that item, let us know.


We are missing a cone and 6 (!) dodgeballs. This is the school's sports equipment, which we need to return (or must replace). If you accidentally took home a dodgeball or a cone, let us know so that we can get it back to the school.


To let us know about either lost items or found sports stuff, please email Kira Gould (gould.kira@gmail.com).


Thank you!