Pizza MONDAYS Fundraiser - Now for the Whole School!
Sun, Sep 27 9:02pm

Pizza MONDAYS - Time to Order for Fall Semester

Available to ALL Grades!!!


10 Sessions – Each Monday 10/5 – 12/14

In the wake of our “new normal” Red Boy Pizza has partnered with us to continue our Pizza Friday fundraising tradition, re-imagined to PIZZA MONDAYS

Perfect for a family pizza night, or kid lunches for the week. This re-imagined event is available for ALL GRADES. (In the past, this was a lunch time fundraiser for students from grades 4-8 to participate in Pizza Friday, a Middle School fundraiser.)   Proceeds from the PIZZA MONDAY fundraiser will go directly to the PTA and support all grades.

  • Dates for the Fall Semester:  10 Mondays - every Monday From October 5th until Dec. 14 (with the exception of Nov. 23)
  • Participants will pick up their pizza from Hillcrest drop-off lane between 6:00-6:30 pm and enjoy a pizza night while supporting our School!
  • We will have gloved / physically distanced hand-off of your pizza in front of the school.


We will be serving Red Boy Pizza - We are offering 6 choices:


  1. Cheese - $26.00/week * 10 weeks = $260.00
  1. Pepperoni - $31.00/week * 10 weeks = $310.00
  1. ½ Cheese/ ½ Pepperoni - $28.50/week * 10 weeks = $285.00
  1. Veggie (Pesto base, fresh basil, fresh tomato, caramelized onion, and ricotta cheese)
    - $38.00/week * 10 weeks = $380.00
  1. Italia (Italian Sausage & Green Peppers – $35.00/week * 10 weeks = $350.00
  1. Red Boy Special (Pepperoni, Italian sausage, Salami, Black Olives, Green Onions, Green Peppers & Mushrooms) - $38.00/week * 10 weeks = $380.00




  • Regular or Gluten-Free is available, please select accordingly on form
  • All Regular pizzas are Size XL (16” for12 slices) and all Gluten Free pizzas are Size Medium (12” for 8 slices)


The order deadline is Thursday, October 1st.


To order please visit the  for pizza Monday order page on the Hillcrest website


For more info, or with any questions, email


Thanks so much for your support!

Pizza Monday Coordinators