Please Read - Drop off & parking procedures
Sun, Aug 22 12:21pm

To maximize everyone’s safety during the mornings before school, please note the below student drop off and parking procedures.

Student Drop Off 

  • Students should only be dropped off on Marguerite Drive in front of the school.  Car drop off is not allowed at the Mandalay or Hermosa gates under any circumstances.
  • Students should proceed directly through the school (via the front doors) to the playground.  
  • Drop off in the yellow loading zone only; please pull forward.
  • There is NO PARKING on Marguerite in the yellow zone.
  • Drive only in the westbound (downhill) direction, and be careful approaching the crosswalk at the bottom.
  • Note: the drop off area is unsupervised.  Please only drop off students who can responsibly enter the school and proceed directly to their outdoor line up areas. 


  • Do not park in the clearly-marked staff spots on Mandalay.
  • There is NO PARKING on Marguerite in the yellow zone.
  • Please leave time to find a safe place to park in the neighborhood, and be respectful of our neighbors.

Further, the location of the crossing guard (Gary) at Marguerite and Hermosa was determined by a city traffic assessment, which was conducted when the above procedures were in use pre-pandemic.  He will remain at Marguerite and Hermosa, per the City of Oakland.

We thank you for your support in maximizing our community’s safety!