RESOURCE: School Closures FAQ
Mon, Sep 26 12:37pm


School Closure FAQ


  • What Happened? - For those new to OUSD or to Hillcrest, you can find a summary of the decision on school closures in this Oaklandside article.


  • What Board District Am I In? Oakland redistricted in 2022 and the majority of Hillcrest families are in District 1 or District 4. Use this map to find out which board district your family and friends are in.


  • Why Should I Care About November’s Board of Directors Election? The new board has the power to reverse the decision on school closures beginning in January ‘23. With 3 seats up for grabs in this November’s Election, electing 3 officials who are anti-closure is the quickest and surest way to reverse this decision. Districts 2, 4 and 6 have seats on the ballot this year.